About Pam

Pam is an accomplished solo artist, speaker and Bible teacher. Her love for people, passion for God's word are always at the heart of everything she does. She is a daughter, wife, (married to her sweetheart Bob for 37 years) mother of two grown children, grandmother and recording artist. Bob and Pam reside in Warner Robins Georgia and are members of Southside Baptist Church. After accepting Jesus Christ as her personal savior at the age of 22 through the Ministry of her local church, she began her journey of growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Because she has always love music, it seems only natural to join in with the choir. It was there God gave her a love for gospel music and it was the beginning of what would later become the stepping stone of her ministry today.


In 1981 Pam gave birth to their second child, a beautiful baby boy. A few moments after he was born, the doctors realized something was terribly wrong and he was immediately sent to Atlanta to the Children's Hospital. He was diagnosed with a rare heart disease and six weeks later, they found themselves sitting in a hospital waiting room as he underwent open-heart surgery. Eight hours later, he passed away. After her heart had begun to heal, Pam was asked to sing her very first solo, "Peace in the mist of the storm". Out of that experience, God began speaking to her heart to step out and sing a "new song" for Him. Psalm 40: 1-3 As one who was much more comfortable in the pew than being out front, the call to step out was not an easy one. There were many hurdles to overcome, a broken heart, shyness, insecurity, and deep rooted fears. God lovingly taught her to trust him as "Father" to overcome her fears and step out believing that he would use her story and her life for his glory as she yielded to Him. Two years later at the age of 24, ministry was birthed. She stepped out of the security of the choir loft and into the community singing "His song" using whatever platform God opened. She has learned along the way that the Christian walk does not exempt you from challenges and difficulties. In fact, Jesus said we would have trials, but not to fear because he has overcome! It's in the trials where we see our faith turn to victory and our fears and disappointments become gateways of learning who we are, and who our God is! She's learned that walking with Jesus daily is one of continual surrender and trust and that God will "always" be faithful to complete what he began.

Since that time as a young woman when she first of stepped out, God has opened many doors that she could never have imagined way back then. Pam has now been singing "His song", for 34 years. She has had the awesome privilege to lead women's groups, teach Gods Word, speak and sing with many incredibly talented people through the years. One such privilege was singing with a ladies trio, called "Countenance". The group has traveled through out Georgia, singing beautiful harmonies together over the last 14 years. While the group is still singing together for special events, Pam began a new ministry in 2014 venturing out on her own to do speaking for women's events and conferences, as well as a solo ministry. Later that year, she recorded a Christmas album, a lifelong dream, featuring her favorites along with a personal tribute of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", which is part of her testimony.


Her desire above all else, is to share the love of Christ. To make him known through her music, life story, and the spoken Word. Her passion is seeing women fall in love with Jesus and experience the transformation and wholeness that comes from knowing who you are in Christ and who God made you to be. Pam shares how Jesus came to set the captives free, to bring deliverance, and "total restoration". Sharing the good news that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us, demonstrating His love for all. That whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. He is the way the truth and the life. Jesus Christ can set you free, give you peace and abundant life! Her story beautifully speaks to what "God" can do and how taking hold of the power of Gods Word can absolutely transform any life.

Her life verse: Psalm 40: 1-3 I waited patiently for the Lord; He inclined to me and heard my cry. He brought me up out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my steps. He has put a new song in my mouth- Praise to our God, many will see it and fear and will trust In the Lord.

Pam has been a faithful and constant light in the darkness to so many women for years. Yielding to the Spirit of God, she has been a great source of knowledge and encouragement in the lives of others. God has equipped her with distinct skills as a speaker which enable her to be a valuable treasure in the ministry. You will be uplifted and encouraged by her wisdom and insight from God as she speaks of His constant love and ongoing presence in our lives. Her gift in speaking and the ability to share His message through song both move hearts toward a closer walk in faith. Her true desire is to serve and honor the Lord. Pam is a blessing to all.


Pam Bazemore is a lovely and gracious woman, an example of the way a Christian should conduct their lives. She inspires you to live your life in a way that it counts for something besides self. She desires to see every lady become all that God would have them be in their walk with Him.

Out of my own desire to know my Heavenly Father more intimately and to study The Word with other Christian ladies, I accepted an invitation from a friend to visit Pam's Bible Study, which at that time, several years ago, was meeting in her beautiful and comfortable home. I met many new friends which otherwise our paths never would have crossed. From day one in her home I experienced the most inspiring studies I have ever been a part of....she is so very gifted and wise in her approach to sharing God's Word. You realize very quickly that she is indeed anointed by our Heavenly Father....so refreshing, putting you at ease and drawing on every word the Lord is speaking through her. As she teaches what is important in life to live a christian life, she helps bring you closer to the very heart of God. You see that she waits patiently for The Lord's direction in her teaching. Pam is one of the most gifted teachers of the Bible. Another incredible gift she has been given is her beautiful voice. When you have the privilege to hear her sing about Jesus you cannot help but realize and feel the presence of God ...knowing at that moment you are standing on Holy Ground. I have attended many of her concerts over the years and there are no words to describe the blessing you walk away with from one of her concerts. It is an experience you will not soon forget, for it is life changing! For several years now I have joined with Pam and the other ladies as we pray together, study the Bible together. There is a time to share with each other if you have a special prayer request. This is a time we see God working, for all of us can witness old wounds that have altered lives for many years ....being healed! We are encouraged to grow in our spiritual walk by going deeper into The Word.

Any Church or Women's Group would enjoy and be blessed to hear Pam speak and sing. This lady has touched many lives with her wisdom and talents . Her Ministry is ONE thing....and that is to GLORIFY GOD !!! She has been called by God for this mission she is on. He spoke, she accepted, and has stepped out in faith.

When you meet Pam Bazemore you immediately have a friend, for you feel you have always known her. And once you hear her speak, sing, you feel right away you want to share what you have heard with all of your other friends. You walk away so blessed, encouraged and more connected than ever to JESUS.

There is a saying, "Many people will walk in and out of your life..but only true friends leave footprints on your heart." Pam does this...she will impact your life in the most positive and inspiring way. To know her is to love her! To love her is to have a true friend!